4 Cutting-Edge Hair Growth Treatments Offered By Salon Kokoro

For people, especially women, the hair growth cycle is a complicated process with different phases. While many prefer to let their hair grow naturally, others frequently trim and cut it. Most people favor fringe trimming and brown hair balayage as hair growth treatments. Here, we have four cutting-edge hair growth treatments used at our salon, Salon Kokoro, to show you how simple it is to achieve healthy, gorgeous hair thanks to new and innovative treatments using reliable and safe products.

Kerastase Fusio Dose

We come in direct contact with pollution, chemicals, bad weather, and other things daily. As a result, we have hair that is unhealthy—dry, rough, and coarse. A fusio-dose is known worldwide to treat and instantly transform your hair, leaving it soft and well-nourished, which is why it’s there to give your hair the boost you desire. So, having thick, shiny, healthy hair is attainable for everyone.

A Fusio Dose is a liquid hair care technology that addresses all your specific hair needs. Therefore, it’s a specially formulated hair growth product. Consisting of a perfect blend of a Concentré and a Booster, this formula contains proteins, hyaluronic acids, and other skincare active ingredients. Millions of active drops combine with the fiber in your hair after application for greater penetration and an immediate transformation.

This treatment, which can be done during every salon visit and is only available from salon professionals, completely changes the looks of your hair. Your stylist will conduct a hair diagnosis first, after which they will choose a Concentré to take care of your primary hair needs. Depending on your needs, this will be combined with a booster of your choice, which is made up of potent ingredients to give your hair shine, volume, and hydration.

There are over thirty combinations for your hair care needs, with a choice of six Concentres and five Boosters. To transform hair and add luster, shine, and softness, a Fusio Dose is sprayed onto damp hair for deep penetration. This treatment takes five minutes to work. Although professionals advise getting a fringe trim every two months can help your hair grow evenly and help you get rid of split ends, Fusio Dose can nourish and repair the hair’s structure and reduce breakage and the occurrence of split ends.

Kerastase Face Mask

The hair mask used by Kerastase, the world’s known luxury professional haircare brand, is best for adding extra moisture and nourishment to hair. It is an effective hair mask that all professional salons apply, as it’s suitable for all hair types. The brand provides a wide range of masks to address various hair issues, like dryness, damaged hair, and hair gone under any permanent color treatment.

For better root control, the hair mask is massaged into the hair fiber and spread on the scalp before being applied to damp, freshly cleaned hair from roots to ends. Before rinsing, leave it on your hair for 5 to 10 minutes. The opulent formula deeply hydrates and fortifies the hair fiber while defending hair color and preventing color fading.

Kerastase Mask hair treatment is perfect for you if you want to restore weak, brittle, or damaged hair and get healthy-looking hair.

R & Co Concentrate

R & Co Concentrate hair growth treatments are a line of in-salon hair treatments that give the hair nourishment, strength, and shine. These are a line of in-salon hair treatments that nourish, strengthen, and shine your hair. Intensive hydration and reparative extracts that deeply penetrate the hair fiber (lightweight, tiny fibers made of keratin protein) to swamp it in moisture are employed in treating rough and fizzy hair.

For up to 23 washes, the hair concentrates play a vital role in reducing frizziness and repairing damaged hair. Even one treatment can make you feel your hair is more hydrated, smooth, and shiny. Wet hair is treated with hair concentrates, which work best if left for five minutes before being rinsed.

For those who want to repair weak, brittle, or damaged hair and achieve healthy-looking hair, the R & Co Concentrate hair growth treatment is perfect.

A line of in-salon hair treatments that give the hair nourishment, strength, and shine is called R & Co Concentrate hair growth treatment. Intensive hydration and reparative extracts that deeply penetrate the hair fiber to drench it in moisture are used in the treatments to quench dry, curly, or over-processed hair.

Malibu Makeover

The Malibu hair treatment has gained popularity as a reliable method of cleansing to get rid of mineral buildup on the hair. Mineral deposits from hard water can accumulate on the scalp and block essential nutrients from penetrating your hair follicles. Therefore, you can face weakened or stunted hair growth. So, professionals often advise to avoid using hard water frequently. Clarifying shampoos and conditioners can help to remove some of this mineral buildup, but not all of it. Malibu treatment can, therefore, be ideal for the goal.

The Malibu hair treatment includes a packet of vitamin C crystallized granules. It aids in nourishing the scalp and guards against stress or oxidation that quickens the aging and dehydrating processes on the scalp.

During the processing time, the vitamin C crystals have a chance to penetrate the hair and scalp. The professional makes a mixture using these granules and filtered water and applies it to the hair. A hooded heated dryer is then used to process for the next 20 to 40 minutes.

 Final Words

Four of the most reliable and cutting-edge hair growth treatments available at Salon Kokoro, we rely on trustworthy, safe products to produce gorgeous, healthy hair. The treatments, including Kerastase Fusio Dose, Kerastase Face Mask, R & Co Concentrate, and Malibu Makeover, are available here to deeply hydrate and moisten dry and frizzy hair with reparative extracts that deeply penetrate the hair fiber. By receiving these treatments, you can reduce hair breakage and split ends with nourished hair structure.

Salon Kokoro is the best hair growth treatment service provider in Avenida Village. And if you’re searching for a professional fringe trimming service or typing “balayage hair near me” on Google to find a reliable balayage expert, we can help you. Make a reservation at Salon Kokoro today to take advantage of our expertise and achieve healthy, gorgeous hair



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