4 Hair Hacks that will ELEVATE your Haircare!

4 Hair Hacks that will ELEVATE your Haircare!



One thing that clients usually love to know following their hair appointment is how to maintain their hair and keep it in the best shape possible. In addition to using salon-grade products, we have rounded up a list of 4 hacks that will not only give your hair all the TLC it needs but increase the chances of it growing long and strong. Your hair is an investment, and it is so important to look after it as best as you can. It can also end up saving you money, believe it or not! But without further ado- here are our 4 tips that will elevate your hair care routine.


  • Don’t use too much product.

Although your salon grade products may have the highest quality ingredients, this doesn’t mean that more is better. This usually means that these amazing ingredients are highly concentrated, and a little bit goes a long way. Especially with our Kerastase products, we usually find our clients getting up to 6 months out of our products. Sometimes even a full year! It is also the best option to go slow with product amounts. It’s easier to add more as you need instead of trying to remove too much. We know you will be impressed and shocked when you realize the power of small amounts! This will also allow the product to work to its full potential. For most shampoos or conditioners, a toonie size is more then enough. For oils, you can likely use a quarter or less. This can also vary based on your length, thickness, and hair needs. It’s also great to ask your stylist at your appointment for even more clarification!


  • Get regular treatments and trims.

This hack is one of the best investments for your hair. Especially if you are wanting long and strong hair and looking to nourish and restore damage. Cuts can be essential to remove damaged ends so that hair isn’t constantly breaking off. This damage on the end can put a halt to your hair growth and overall effect the texture of your hair. If you go often, you will also likely not need to trim much off to maintain. You will notice after regular trims your hair will feel healthier and have more life!

Secondly, we highly recommend hair treatments. In our salon we offer Kerastase Fusio-Dose treatments that are used exclusively in-salon. These highly concentrated treatments can address 2 of your hair concerns and offer instant results. Once your stylist has examined and diagnosed your hair, there are up to 20 different pairings that can be made to perfectly tailor your treatment to your hair. With a cut and treatment, we can guarantee you will love your results!



  • Use a wide-tooth comb on wet/damp hair.

So many of us reach for a brush, especially when it comes to tangles that can follow after a shower. However, because of the density of the bristles, brushes can break and pull hair out while it is wet or damp. After a shower you should try and use a comb (wide tooth, ideally) to gently untangle your hair. If you find this method is time consuming, consider purchasing a detangling spray. (We LOVE the Pinstripe Detangling Spray by R+Co for this exact reason!) By using a wide tooth comb, you will ensure that you hair is being untangled gently and it will minimize unnecessary breakage or hair fall. We also recommend never using boar bristle brushes on wet hair as well because of the coarse texture. This texture while wet can also cause breakage. Gentle is best!



  • Don’t over wash.

We know this hack may be a bit difficult for oily scalps, however, oil can be managed even without over washing! Whether you choose a shampoo that is great to absorb oils, or find an amazing dry shampoo in between washes, letting your natural oils do their thing can really help not dry out your hair and encourage growth. For dry shampoo, we really recommend our Spiritualized Spray by R+Co, our Death Valley spray by R+Co, or our Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo by Kerastase. If you’re looking for a line that is great to combat excess oil, be sure to check out the Kerastase Specifique line. Once you find some products suited to your hair needs, it will most definitely maximize the time between washes! This is another great thing to bring up to your stylist to see what the ideal amount of days in between washes would be beneficial for you.


We hope you were able to take something from these tips, and we hope they benefit you just as much as they’ve benefitted us! When it comes to your hair, the health of it is our top priority. If you ever have any questions about your hair or products that would suit you best, feel free to stop by and we’d love to chat!

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