caramel balayage

Are you looking for caramel balayage hairstyles while being a brunette in Calgary?

Look no more! 

You will find a range of caramel balayage hairstyle ideas here and how to take special care of your balayage. 

So, grab a cup of coffee and dive into the fascinating world of balayage hairstyles.

We will start from scratch so you may understand the caramel balayage properly. 

What is Caramel Balayage?

Caramel Balayage is a technique to give your hair a new brown shade and a sun-kissed appearance. Balayage is a French method of hair colouring. When this technique is combined with caramel, a unique appearance is created. 

Different sections of light and bright hair strands are created with the help of warm gold to deep caramel shades, which are applied to the overall length of the hair.
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Besides adding depth and dimensions, Caramel balayage allows your hair to shine brighter. 

caramel balayage

Should I consider the Caramel Balayage?

Caramel balayage can be a game changer that gives your hair a unique look. And we understand that it is completely fine to be curious about your final look after investing a lot in your hair. Every individual has a different hair shade, like skin tone. So, we have prepared a comprehensive guide to get a rough estimate of how your hair will look after caramel balayage. 

Caramel Balayage for Blonde

Caramel balayage does wonders on blonde hair by giving it a warm look and adding depth and dimension. It can amazingly transform your light hair by adding more definition to it. Caramel balayage will smoothly blend with your base hair colour and give a shiny touch to your hair. 

Caramel Balayage for Brunettes

It works wonders on brunettes by adding layers of light shade to the overall length of your hair. If you want to get a light shade effect on your brunette hair without changing the complete look of your hair, then caramel balayage is a perfect solution for you. It will add richness and warmth to your hair by providing an outstanding contrast. 

Caramel Balayage for Dark

If you have exceptionally dark hair, balayage with a lighter colour is an excellent solution to give the appearance of having greater volume and stunning contrast. For an even more incredible impact, pair it with waves or curls. You may also experiment with the coloring’s shade. The options are unlimited!

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Is Caramel Balayage suitable for multiple hairstyles?

You may also have a question: will it suit my hair length or hairstyle? If so, the answer is yes. Whether you have short hair, curly hair, straight hair, or extra long hair, caramel balayage will definitely suit you and define your look greatly. In addition, you can wear any hairstyle while attending weddings or New Year parties. It will add value to your appearance and the aura that you carry. 

How long does the Caramel Balayage last?

As we previously stated, balayage is very popular because of its subtle, worn-in look, which doesn’t require many touch-ups every six weeks. Although occasionally you may go even longer, belayage can last three to four months before needing a touch-up. Of course, maintaining good hair care practice and using treatments that stop colour fading are major factors in how long your colour lasts.

Caramel Balayage in Calgary

If you want caramel balayage to complement your hair and need someone you can trust, choose Salon Kokoro. We have a team of professionals who can make you feel special in no time by giving you advanced hair treatment. To book your appointment, contact us right now at +1 403-891-8434 and Our experts are desperate to welcome you to Salon Kokoro to transform your hair colour. 


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