How Much to Tip at Beauty Salon

How Much to Tip at Beauty Salon

Tip Like a Pro: The Art of Tipping at Your Favorite Salon

Are you confused about how much to tip at a beauty salon and whether it is compulsory to give a tip? When you visit a salon while paying your bill, you give some extra money to show appreciation for the service you receive. Through tipping, you encourage your service provider to work more on their skills and be loyal to their profession. 

We, the Salon Kokoro, will discuss all the aspects of tipping here, from why you should tip to factors to consider while tipping. So, without any further delay, let’s explore the culture of tips in hair salons!

How Much Should I Tip at a Salon

Generally, a rule is to tip for 15% to 20%. However, it depends on multiple factors that we will discuss shortly. To calculate the 15% or 20% of your bill, start by calculating the 10%. 

For example, you get a haircut for $50, so the 10% of $50 will be $5 and the 20% will be $10. So, it would be suitable for you to tip between $7 and $10.  

Factors to Consider While Tipping at a Salon

There are certain things that you must keep in your mind while deciding to tip at a salon. 

Quality of Service

It depends on how much are you satisfied with the quality of the service that you have received. Exceptional hair service might force you to pay more than 20%. This will encourage the hair stylist to provide more quality services to its clients in future. 

Complexity of Service

If you get a simple haircut, the average tip amount is enough. Still, if you get complex services at a salon like hair extension, balayage or corrective colouring, you can consider tipping more than the average to build their morale.  

Your Budget

Being familiar with your pocket is essential while tipping at a salon. Sometimes, you may have some extra penny; sometimes, you can be hand to mouth. Even if you can’t afford to tip 20%, you can do as much as your pocket allows. Remember, paying a small amount is always better than paying nothing. 

When Should I Tip?

It’s better to tip while paying your bill at the end of the day when you are done with getting your services. You can either pay with a card or in cash. However, paying in cash is better to avoid extra bank charges. You can pay the tip at reception with your bill or pay the hair stylist directly. Remember to tip your stylist, assistants, or other staff who helped during your visit. They all play a part in making your experience enjoyable. 

Should I Tip Even If I’m Unhappy with the Result?

It would be an awkward situation for you and the hairstylist if you left the place silently and did not give any review on the services that you have availed. Discuss your concerns with your hairstylist, and pay the tip as much as it suits you. It might be possible that they will give you some suggestions or schedule your appointment to adjust the colour or your hairstyle. Always try to seek a resolution and have a dialogue instead of leaving the place with silence. 

Bottom Line!

Tipping at the beauty salon is a way to show gratitude for the care and attention you’ve received. Following these simple guidelines ensures that your tip reflects your appreciation for the service provided. 


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