How to Hide Grey Hair on Brunettes in Easy Steps

how to hide grey hair on brunettes

Are you concerned about your grey hair on brunettes? If so, then Salon Kokoro is here with its ultimate solution of how to hide grey hair on brunettes. 

Ageing is something that we cannot get rid of at any cost, but like we do an anti-aging skincare routine, we can also pursue some basic steps for our hair care and overall well-being. Every phase of our life is beautiful. We just have to be courageous to embrace the beauty of each phase. 

Let’s talk about what causes grey hair and how we can hide it on brunettes. 

Causes of Grey Hair

Well, grey hair is not a sign of ageing. You may have grey hair in your 20s or even a few in your 50s. My sister has grey hair since she was 16 years old. Generally, most people go through the process of grey hair right after their 30s, and it totally varies from person to person and gender-wise.  

It is not only the colour that changes as you age, but also the texture of your hair changes. Your hair follicles start to produce less colour, and the regenerative process of your hair also gets slow as you age. There are several other reasons for grey hair that are yet to be explored. 

how to hide grey hair on brunettes

Although grey hair looks classy on both men and women. At a recently attended wedding, I saw a man who had full grey hair coverage, and he was looking extremely attractive. The point is, it’s totally your choice whether you want to endure grey hair or want to hide it. And we completely understand that everyone can’t look exceptional with grey hair. So, worry not; we have many alternatives for you that will ultimately help you hide your grey hair in brunettes. 

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Steps to Hide Grey Hair on Brunettes

If you want to hide your grey hair on a brunette, then here are some steps mentioned below that you can choose from that suits you better.

Hair Dye 

The first and foremost step that would be beneficial in hiding grey hair on brunettes is to colour your hair. There are several options available in the market from which you can choose what type of dye you want. Among many options, some are balayage, highlights, balayage highlights, lived-in colour, foiliyage or baby lights.  You can also ask your hair artist to suggest some better options based on your lifestyle and preferences. Your hair stylist will give better suggestions on whether you should go for permanent or temporary dye or which colour and technique will work best for you. 

Root Touchup 

You have grey hair, and you have to rush at an emergency call for your meeting, or guests may have arrived suddenly. What will you do now? Would you run towards the salon immediately? No, it’s not a good idea, you will be late for your work if you take such steps. You can buy root touchup products to cope with such situations. These products are available in spray, crayon or powder form and will help you to hide your grey hair temporarily. 

Hair Styles & Hair Cuts

Another alternative that will work for you is getting a fresh haircut. This will not only add volume to your hair, but with layered locks or bangs; you might be able to hide grey hair on a brunette. You can also tie your hair up, make braids or use a hair band to hide grey hair. All these options work wonder if you have a small amount of grey strands in your brunettes.

Hair Chalk/Mascara

Hair chalk or hair mascara are also temporary solutions for turning your grey hair colour for emergencies or a temporary change in your look for a party or a wedding. They are available in multiple shades and save you from the hassle of visiting the hair stylists. 

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Bottom Line!

The steps mentioned above will work wonders for you if you choose the right method based on your skin tone, hair texture, and other preferences. You can also consult a hair professional to give you better recommendatons after listening to your preferences. If you are confused about the best way to hide your grey hair on brunettes, then contact the salon Kokoro immediately. 

We offer a serene environment with trained staff and professionals with years of expertise in their respective fields. Our salon in Calgary is recognized as the best in Canada because we always deliver high-quality services to all our clients. If you want to book an appointment or need more information, you can reach us at 403-891-8434 or email us at SALONKOKORO@OUTLOOK.COM.


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