How to Maintain Your Hair like a PRO!

Ever get home from the salon and feel like you struggle to maintain your style on your own? This is very common, and it can be hard to know the right steps to not only maintain your colour and style, but to keep your hair at optimum health. We have compiled 4 tips below that will give you some insight on how to become a pro at maintaining your hair and getting the most out of your style and colour!


   1. Pre-book your Appointments!


This one may be hard if you have an ever-changing or unpredictable schedule, but if you are able to pre-book your next appointment, it ensures you can maintain your hair on a good schedule recommended by your stylist! You likely love your stylist- and they would love to schedule you and make sure there’s more than enough time for your next visit. This is especially true for blondes as your toner can really be an amazing way to create longevity with your colour and keep it looking fresh.


 2. Get Regular Kerastase Treatments!


We love that Kerastase treatments are so simple to add onto your service. Whether it’s a cut, a shampoo blow dry or a colour, these treatments can be applied at the sink and really aid in keeping your hair healthy, shiny and strong with lasting results. These treatments are not only affordable, but they are catered to your specific hair needs.



  3. Incorporate Regular trims!


Sometimes as our hair grows, it may get harder to keep up with your desired style and the effects of heating tools may start to show. By getting your hair trimmed regularly it will not only get rid of the breakage, but it’s also a great way to keep up with your style, especially if you have bangs or layers. We also offer 15-minute bang trim appointments which are great for a quick fix!



   4.  Ask your Stylist for Advice


Not only are our stylists’ pros when it comes to cutting, colouring and styling, but they are the best people to ask if you have any questions about what products to use. Our stylists have used most of the products we offer and can find something that will work wonders for you. They may also have some advice on ways to tweak your routine to optimize the health of your hair.


We hope you find these tips helpful- we love being able to help anyway we can! Let us know what tip was a gamechanger for you!

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