Hydrated Skin VS Dehydrated Skin

Hydrated Skin VS Dehydrated Skin

Are you worried about your skin type as you are unable to know whether you have hydrated or dehydrated skin? 

Being aware of your skin type as soon as possible is of prime importance because it is essential to cure your dehydrated skin as quickly as possible. 

The skin care products for hydrated or dehydrated skin are entirely different. 

So, it will be a complete mess if you do not understand your skin requirements and keep applying the wrong products to your skin. 

You do not have to worry more because you have come to the right place. 

Here, you will find a complete guideline regarding hydrated or dehydrated skin and tips to reach your ideal skin. 

So, let’s learn more about hydrated and dehydrated skin. 

What is hydrated skin?

When your skin is properly hydrated, it appears smooth, supple, and radiant. 

A well-hydrated skin looks healthy and has enough moisture to carry out its vital functions efficiently. 

Isn’t it amazing how hydrated skin makes you feel comfortable and irritation-free? No more annoying itchiness to deal with!

What is a dehydrated skin?

If your skin is dehydrated, it may appear dull and tired, with fine lines and dark circles under your eyes. You may also experience itchiness, dry patches, redness, increased thirst and fatigue. 

Dehydration occurs when you don’t drink enough water to meet your body’s needs. Drinking enough water is essential to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

What causes dehydrated skin?

Multiple factors can play their part in making your skin dehydrated. Following are some factors that affect your skin condition;

  • The prime reason behind dehydrated skin is the low amount of water intake, leading you towards dry and patchy skin.
  • Besides low water intake, using the wrong type of cleanser can also lead your skin to dryness.
  • Excessive exfoliating is also responsible for the dehydration of your skin. 
  • Extreme weather conditions can also affect your skin hydration level. 

To have hydrated skin, addressing internal and external factors causing dehydration is essential.

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Tips to avoid dehydrated skin/ hydrate your skin

There are some basic steps that you can follow to get your hydrated skin back.

Drink plenty amount of water

Water is the main component that can heal all dehydration-related issues, including skin. Our body is composed of 60% water, and that’s why almost all our organs need water to function correctly. So it is highly recommended to drink enough amount of water to avoid dehydrated skin. 

Use water-based products

It is highly recommended to use products with hydrating agents like hyaluronic acid, glycerin and ammonium lactate. Choose water-based creams that will help to penetrate your skin and lock moisture.

Avoid hot showers  

When you use hot water for a shower, it ultimately leads you to dry skin and causes the loss of moisture and oil from your skin. So, you must use lukewarm water in winter and cold water in summer for shower purposes. It will help you to get back your hydrated skin. 

Consume water-dense food

You must include raw vegetables and fruits in your diet. This will not only hydrate your skin but also provide your skin with essential vitamins that are necessary for your skin to rejuvenate. Citrus fruits have vitamin C besides being water-dense. So, these fruits and vegetables are important to improve your skin texture and the overall health of your body. 

Avoid excessive intake of caffeine 

Caffeine is the main factor that causes dehydration besides alcohol. If you want your radiant skin back and make it glowy then limit your caffeine and alcohol intake and drink more water. 

Wrapping Up!

To keep your skin healthy, it is essential to take care of your diet, drink plenty of water to heal your skin from the inside and apply moisturizer and water-based products to clean, exfoliate and hydrate your skin. To achieve your ideal skin you have to adopt a healthy lifestyle, this will help you to improve your overall health besides nourishing your skin. 

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