Roots How to Blend Grey Hair With Dark Brown Hair

roots how to blend grey hair with dark brown hair

Are you worried about your grey hair as it may have appeared before time? Generally, grey hair starts to emerge as we grow older than 30. But today, having grey hair in your 20s is not strange. Grey hair looks adorable as you grow old and compliments your personality, but having grey hair before time may look awkward to you. 

But worry not! We have plenty of options for blending your grey hair with dark brown hair. It may be tricky to blend your grey hair into dark brown hair flawlessly. But with proper guidance and following the dos and dont you can get your desired look. 

So, without further delay, let us discuss some tips to help you blend your grey hair with dark brown hair. 

Consult a Professional

It is advisable to discuss your hair concerns with a professional first. After assessing your hair type, grey hair intensity, and skin tone, they will recommend the best possible solution. By knowing your lifestyle and daily routine, they will guide you on which hair product you should choose and what tips would work for you.

Hide your grey Hair

If you have a few grey locks, you can hide them instead of colouring them. You can change your haircut or use hair bands, high ponytails and other alternatives to hide your grey locks.

Choosing the Right Hair Colour

If you have more grey hair, you can dye it to suit your natural shade. It is essential to find the right hair colour that suits your skin tone and the natural shade of your hair. You can ask a professional to guide you in selecting the perfect hair colour. You can also get suggestions from your family and friends about which hair colour will complement your look. 

Consider Highlights or Lowlights

The two most popular ways to blend grey hair are highlights and lowlights. These techniques can help you to add dimension and depth to your hair. Highlights are lighter than your base colour and add shine and texture to your hair. 

However, the lowlights are darker than your base colour and help to add dimension to your hair colour. You can also use balayage or foiling techniques to strategically place lighter or darker tones throughout your hair, creating a subtle blend that softens the appearance of grey.

Use Quality Hair Products 

You must be conscious when colouring your hair while buying hair care products. Try to use hair care products that are specifically designed for colour-treated hair. Don’t shampoo after colouring your hair; use sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner to protect the hair colour. Washing your hair regularly is not recommended, and shampoo should not be applied directly to your hair. Instead of it, mix shampoo with water, then use it after shaking it. Sulphate-free shampoos are designed to protect your hair dye while nourishing your strands. 

Keep Maintenance 

Once you get your ideal hair colour by blending grey hair, visiting the hair stylist after regular intervals is suggested. When you need a retouch, it depends on your hair length and the intensity of your grey hair. Generally speaking, touch-ups may be required each after 4-5 weeks. You can also do touch-ups at home with hair sprays, but before taking any step, consult your hair professional. 

Concluding Words!

To end up the whole discussion. It can be said that blending grey hair into dark brown colour can be fun if done correctly. Whether you colour your hair by yourself or choose a hair salon to blend your greys into dark brown, you must be clear about the final shade you want. While selecting the colour shade for your hair, keep two things in mind: your skin tone and your natural hair colour. You should consult a professional if you cannot find the right hair care product or hair colour.

You can also contact Salon Kokoro for an appointment to resolve all your hair-related concerns. Here at Salon Kokoro, you will find a team of professionals with years of experience in the same field. We assure you if you choose Salon Kokoro, you will never regret your decision later. Contact us at 403-891-8434 or email us at SALONKOKORO@OUTLOOK.COM to book your appointment. Let’s blend your grey hair into dark brown together. 

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