The 3 Best Hair Straightening Treatments for Fizzy Hair

It sounds too good to be true, but making your frizzy hair permanently silky-smooth straight may be difficult. Once you understand the causes of frizz, you can quickly determine your hair type and find the right smoothing solution. You can achieve your desired look by visiting Salon Kokoro, where we offer the most effective, safe, and affordable hair straightening treatments that work. Keep reading!

Common Causes of Having Fizzy Hair

The structure of smooth hair needs to be better understood before we can sort out the causes of frizz. A hair strand almost resembles a snake when we examine it closely. It is either spherical or oval and tubular. Keratin cells, which make up the outer layer, are flattened on top like the skin of a snake. The keratin cells and the tube’s dimensions, shapes, and colors are determined by genetics.

When the tube’s shape, the cortex’s color, and the placement of the keratin cells change over time, the result is frizzy hair. The following factors contribute to this change:

  • Genetics, and hormone adjustments affecting hair growth.
  • Factors from the outside (pollution, heat styling, etc.).
  • Color processing.

The tube has multiple dimensions, is twisted, and is uneven in hair that is aggressively unruly and uncontrollable. The keratin cells don’t always lie flat. In other instances, they vary; some lay flat while others stand up. The hair loses moisture, color, and more keratin cells due to lifted keratin cells exposing the inner layers to outside influences.

The 3 Best Hair Straightening Treatments

1.     Japanese Hair Straightening (H3)

The Japanese hair straightening procedure was the first treatment to reach the market. With this treatment option, you can get poker-straight locks that will remain that way until your hair fills in.

Japanese straightening is the best hair smoothing and conditioning treatment involving chemicals and heat. This treatment promotes a permanently altered structure of hair. Protein bonds in the hair are loosened during this treatment, and then hair cells reconfigure them. It may take up to eight hours to finish the process. As a result, you will have hair that will speak about your personality.

However, you’ll need to go back to the salon for the last step after a few days, which will take about an hour. The treatment lasts roughly six to seven months, which is a plus.

If you infrequently want your hair to be wavy or maintain a little volume, the Japanese system is ideal, enabling you to get your glow up. This treatment option may enable you to achieve flawless hair without spending much.

2.     Brazilian Hair Straightening

For promising reasons, the Brazilian hair straightening treatments, also called Keratin treatments, have become popular worldwide over the past few years. One of the reasons is the safety of this hair straightening treatment. This is a Brazilian hair straightening treatment, and keratin is basically a natural protein already present in the hair. When our hair gradually loses its protein content with age and due to consuming an inadequate diet, keratin levels decline.

This treatment is thus suitable for adding a keratin coating onto the hair shaft, enabling you to turn heads. This way, your hair can get essential nutrients and become silky and straight. This treatment for straightening hair is best due to its intense formula, enabling you to show off your long hair with short layers.

Once your salon professional applies keratin solution to your hair, iron is used to heat up to 450°F with an easy-to-read display. Therefore, a moisture barrier is built against frizz, making your hair smooth and silky.

Keratin smoothing treatments are more versatile and can be used on curly and wavy hair textures. Smoothing treatments don’t break the hair’s natural bonds to make them straight. Instead, they work to enhance the hair’s texture for better manageability.

The exact ingredients in keratin treatments can vary depending on the brand and the type of treatment. When considering such treatments, you must watch out for harmful components like Formaldehyde (a toxic gas and carcinogen), common in keratin straightening treatments.

With this treatment, your hair grows and revives its original structure at a gradual pace. This treatment option is safe and does not damage hair, meaning you can repeat the treatment without worrying about damaging hair. Indeed, you can get even better results with your second and third treatments. It can last about six months, especially if you treat your hair using keratin-infused sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.

3.     Olaplex Hair Straightening

The Olaplex treatment is an effective solution for curly hair that repairs broken or damaged disulfide bonds in the hair structure. These are covalent bonds responsible for stabilizing the three-dimensional structure of hair proteins while affecting hair function and stability. This treatment also restores the integrity of the hair cuticle, and you have hair that can make you feel special.

Olaplex is a hair treatment that improves bond strength, enabling you to say “frizzy hair no more”. Heat styling, chemical treatments, environmental aspects, among other factors, can be the causes behind damaged or fizzy hair. This treatment option repairs disulfide bonds in hair using an active ingredient called Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. This treatment can enable you to enjoy gorgeous hair designs you want.

The Olaplex treatment is especially beneficial for curly hair because curly hair has more S bonds (disulfide bonds) than straight hair. These S-bonds give curly hair a unique shape and elasticity. This treatment is particularly effective on curly hair as it specifically repairs and targets broken disulfide bridges while ensuring irresistibly soft hair.

Last Say

Once you find what factors have caused your hair frizz, you can quickly determine your hair type and find the right treatment. For the most reliable and safe hair treatment, Salon Kokoro is here to serve you. Whether you need Japanese straightening treatment, Brazilian straightening treatment, or Olaplex treatment, we’ll enable you to achieve your dream of an eye-catching hairstyle. Besides, if you’re looking for a “color retouch, weft extension, or balayage hair near me service,” our highly trained stylists will enable you to reveal your true self. Contact us today and get your hair on!

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