Tips for your BEST Wedding Hair!

Is your wedding coming up soon and you’re wanting to make sure you have the most fabulous hair? Or maybe you are in the wedding party and just looking to increase the health and shine. We have got some tips for you! No matter the time of year, these tips are great to implement throughout the year to ensure your hair is in the best shape possible for this special day.


TIP #1: Get Regular Trims!


Getting regular trims will accelerate growth by removing dead ends and mitigating breakage. Without broken ends, you will notice your hair will feel healthier, happier and easier to style! Dead ends happen to all of us, but getting regular trims is a great way to ensure your hair is in the best condition.


TIP #2: Invest in Hair Treatments!


Hair treatments are amazing to restore the nutrition and health of your hair. At Salon Kokoro, we offer Kerastase Treatments which are $37 and are an amazing addition to your colour, shampoo blow-dry or hair cut appointments. Not only are they quick, but the results are instant and last for weeks! These concentrated treatments are tailored to your specific hair type and allow for 2 different concerns to be addressed. Our customers always rave about these- and so do we!


TIP #3: Invest in Salon Grade Products!


Although prices of salon products are generally higher then drugstore products, the results are definitely worth the investment. They are also filled with the highest quality ingredients which allows you to use less per use, and get away longer in between washes! Our luxury line, Kerastase, is amazing for those looking to upgrade their products to a line that suits their hair needs. The lines are also interchangeable, which is great for those with multiple hair concerns!


TIP #4: Consults and Trials!

Consults and Trials are essential for wedding styles. Not only does it give you time to chat with your stylist beforehand regarding the style you are looking to achieve, but it also gives them the opportunity to see any inspiration photos you have, or make suggestions. This is also a great time to bring your hair accessories in and find the best style that works for you! Nothing beats a prepared stylist and Bride- it will ensure your special day goes extra smooth.


We hope you found these tips valuable, we love having wedding parties in our salon! If you are interested in trials, creative styles or booking your wedding party, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403-891-8434.

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