Why We Love In-Salon Kerastase Fusio-Dose Hair Treatments


Why We Love In-Salon Kerastase Fusio-Dose Hair Treatments…


Looking for something to maximize your hair health? Our Kerastase In-Salon hair treatments provide JUST that and are a service we love to offer with any cut, shampoo or colour service. 


Not only are these treatments meant to last, but they also are personalized exclusively to your specific hair needs. Whether you are seeking shine, strength, repair, density, or colour protection- Kerastase provides ALL the options. Hair needs can be complex, which is why this treatment is tailored to tackle two hair issues in one treatment. Having the ability to address a primary and secondary need is a great way to revitalize your hair and transform it from roots to ends. It also lasts up to 20 washes or 3 months for most clients, which is amazing and shows just how transformative these treatments are! 


Although “treatments” can sound potentially time-consuming, this treatment takes no longer then 5 minutes and is easily applied to your hair as it’s in the process of being washed. Not only is it relaxing, but your stylist can also educate you on the treatment and discuss how it will work to benefit the current condition of your hair. This concentrated treatment leaves hair feeling transformed in a way that shampoo, conditioners or products can’t achieve in one use. By adding in nutrients, strength, and protection, your hair will be on the path to optimal health and will be primed for growth, shine and manageability. 


After a Kerastase treatment, the best way to maximize the results and ensure continuous care is to invest in Kerastase products such as shampoo, conditioners, and a leave in conditioner to optimize the benefits of the treatment. Your stylist can also help you find products for your haircare routine that will treat your hair needs, and ensure your style, cut and colour stay healthy in the future! The amazing thing about Kerastase products (much like their treatments) are that single products from different lines can be used in combination to address your specific hair needs! Chat with us at your next appointment about Kerastase products or a Kerastase treatment and we would love to find you the best options available for your hair!

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