The 3 Best Hair Straightening Treatments for Fizzy Hair

It sounds too good to be true, but making your frizzy hair permanently silky-smooth straight may be difficult. Once you understand the causes of frizz, you can quickly determine your hair type and find the right smoothing solution. You can achieve your desired look by visiting Salon Kokoro, where we offer the most effective, safe, […]

4 Cutting-Edge Hair Growth Treatments Offered By Salon Kokoro

For people, especially women, the hair growth cycle is a complicated process with different phases. While many prefer to let their hair grow naturally, others frequently trim and cut it. Most people favor fringe trimming and brown hair balayage as hair growth treatments. Here, we have four cutting-edge hair growth treatments used at our salon, Salon Kokoro, […]

Importance of Getting Regular Hair Color Retouches

Most women place a high priority on keeping their hair color vibrant and stunning. A hair color retouch at the salon is ideal, regardless of whether you just dyed your hair or want to touch up your roots. This blog post will look at the significance of hair color maintenance, describe what a retouch hair color entails, […]

The Best Eyebrow-Shaping Techniques For Flawless Brows

Welcome to Salon Kokoro, your destination for all your beauty needs. When it comes to enhancing your facial features, well-shaped eyebrows can make a significant difference in your overall appearance. Well-groomed brows frame your face, draw attention to your eyes, and add a touch of elegance to your look. In this blog post, we will […]


Welcome to the Salon Kokoro blog, your go-to destination for all things beauty and self-care. While we often focus on hair transformations and trends, today, we want to shift our attention to another essential aspect of beauty—nail care. Beautiful and healthy nails can complement any look and make you feel confident and put together. In […]


For numerous women, the maintenance of healthy and stunning hair holds significant significance. Regardless of whether you relish experimenting with various hairstyles or prefer a more effortless look, ensuring proper care for your hair is essential. We’ll go over seven crucial hair care suggestions for women in this blog post. From understanding the benefits of […]

How to Maintain Your Hair like a PRO!

Ever get home from the salon and feel like you struggle to maintain your style on your own? This is very common, and it can be hard to know the right steps to not only maintain your colour and style, but to keep your hair at optimum health. We have compiled 4 tips below that […]

5 Hairstyles to Keep You Cool This Summer!

With this hot weather we are having this summer, it can be hard to keep your hair looking stylish while beating the summer heat! We are here to save the day- we have made a list of 5 hair styles that will not only keep you cool this summer, but will be the perfect trendy […]

Tips for your BEST Wedding Hair!

Is your wedding coming up soon and you’re wanting to make sure you have the most fabulous hair? Or maybe you are in the wedding party and just looking to increase the health and shine. We have got some tips for you! No matter the time of year, these tips are great to implement throughout […]

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